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From the Battlefield to the Bedside

How military medical and combat experience can help patient care

As witnessed in the aftermath of the Boston bombing, military medical experience has led to dramatic advances in care. Read an account of the Boston bombing from AOA Past President Martin S. Levine, DO, who helped treat victims following the attack.

Given that military experience provides countless benefits to patient care, the AOA has launched From the Battlefield to the Bedside, a program geared toward providing resources and information to DOs or osteopathic medical students who treat military service people, veterans and the general public. 

Currently, the AOA is a partner in the White House’s Joining Forces Initiative to raise awareness within the osteopathic physician community about the medical needs of military veterans. In addition, the nation’s 34 osteopathic medical schools have pledged to grow the body of knowledge leading to the improvement of health care and wellness of our veterans. 

The AOA’s Battlefield to Bedside program takes the organization's participation in Joining Forces to the next level, raising awareness within the osteopathic medical profession about the military medical advances that can be passed on to civilian counterparts. Approximately 10% of medical officers in the U.S. military are osteopathic physicians. A program that uses the benefits of military experience contributes to the osteopathic philosophy of treating the whole person, not just symptoms, which is the cornerstone of patient-centered care.  


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